Jeff Faerber Illustration


Jeff Faerber Illustration

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I get Interviewed by:
castlemag in issue Number 9
(download the pdf)
(I'm on page 23)

Creative horizons

Two interviews up at:

Creative Horizons

Art Revolutionaries

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A site talks about me


Suicide Girl Tattoo News

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Some sites that have my work on them:

a Spanish site that features illustrators/artists
poke around, there's some good stuff

an Italian site with a downloadable pdf
of some art by myself,
David Hollenbach(link),
Josh Hagler(link),
and others


click to see some pics
from the symbol show


Also, I have some of my art up at
(click to see)

I have art up at
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The Western Publication Association
nominated this :

for a Maggie for Best Single Editorial


I did the cover for a band called Three Days Grace.
(click on image to go to their site)
on sale at your local media conglomerate


So back in the day, I did an for a magazine called
Delaware Today. The page layout (with my ) won an award from a group called
the Advertising Club of Delaware.
here’s a link to their site


*click here to see the award*

*click here to see the layout*




On the left is a detail of graffiti on a street wall in Queens, NY
On the right is a painting of mine that was featured in
Spectrum (with national distrubition) a few years ago
see any similarities?