Jeff Faerber
Jeff Faerber Illustration
Jeff Faerber



March-April 2013: 2 Person show at Mighty Tanaka

Ghost Gallery in Seattle
504 E. Denny Way at Summit
Seattle, WA 98122



May 2013: Gowanus Group show
Dec. 2013: Mighty Tanaka Group Show



2013: 2 pieces in Dirty Show Detroit (link)
2013: Single Fare 3: NY, NY
2012: solo show, We Heart Shag
2012: TNC Gallery, July show curated by myself, New York
Kinsey Juried Art show
2012: Seattle Erotic Art Festival
2012: Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus
2012: Art Whino G40 Art Summit
2012: : Group Show
2011: Sexy Art Gallery at the Erotic Museum, Amsterdam
Parallax Art Fair, London
2011: Group Art Show at Black Vulture, Philly
2011: Cell63 Gallery: double solo show by Jeff Faerber and Lars Henkel
2011: TNC Gallery, “PAINTERS X 10,” New York, NY
2011: One Piece at ASA Art Gallery
2011: Object Image Gallery: Kentile Show, Brooklyn NY
2011: 2 pieces in Dirty Show Detroit (link)
2011: A Group Exhibition of White Rabbit Artists, White Rabbit, NY, NY
2011: Group show, C.C.C.P. Gallery, Williamsburg, NY
2011: 4 Person Show, Backspace Gallery, Portland OR
2010: Galerie Petits Papiers, Brussels Belgium
2010: Galerie Petits Papiers, Paris France
2010: Group show with Pornsaints in Zurich
2010: Solo show: White Rabbit, NYC
2010: Guild of the Black Eagle at the Blooom art fair, Cologne Germany
2010: 2 pieces in Dirty Show Chicago (link)
2010:, Austin, TX
2010: The Artist's Guide to the L.A. Galaxy, West Los Angeles College Art Gallery, LA, CA
2010: : Group Show
2010: Art for Sustainability, Budapest
2009: Eco-Expressions, Northern University
2009: Art Undress, SF, LA
2009: Beyond the Border Art Fair, San Diego, CA
2009: Sirani Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
2009: Obama Group Show at the Bruckner Gallery
2009: Habana Outpost, solo show
2009: Object Image Gallery. Brooklyn, NY 2 Person Show
2009: ErosPulse: Group Show, Denver
2009: : 4 pieces in Group Show
2009: : Group Show
2009: IAO Projects, Salt Lake City (link): Solo Show: Bush and Cronies
2008: IAO Projects, Salt Lake City (link): Group Show: Shall We Begin?
2008: Transportation Show:
Object Image Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2008: Two Person Show: Re*Pop with Rusty Zimmerman, Brklyn NY
2008: ArtUndressed, Berlin, BEATE UHSE EROTIK MUSEUM
2008: TNC Gallery, Portrait Group Show
2008: Rocky Mountain Art Fair(link): SLC, Utah
2008: Object Image Gallery: Summer Show
2008: Montreal Erotic Art Festival, Musee Juste Pour Rire
2008: Pornsaints Group Show, Philadelphia
2008:"The World's Smallest Art Fair," Anna Kustra Gallery, NY NY
2008: Juried Art Show 2008: The Kinsey Institute
2008: 1st Annual: REPRESENT BROOKLYN:
2007: Coney Island Show, Object Image Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
2007: Modern day house of Horrors, Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
2007: Hand Harvested: Artists for a Greener Planet, Chicago IL
2007: 4 pieces at Madame X
2007: Juried Erotic Art Show 2007: Kinsey Institute Gallery
2007: Hi Fi, solo show, New York, NY
2007: The Canvas Gallery, SF CA
2006: 15 pieces in Scary, Scary Night @ KFMK gallery
2006: Strange Cities at Gallery 27+ in New York City
2006: 2 Person Show in ITALY at
2006: 3B Gallery Group Show
2006: Hand Harvested Art Exhibit @ TOJO Gallery, Chicago
2006: WORKS San José: American 7
2006: Redemption Show, Artery
2006 Madame X three artist show
2006 Mocca Lounge (link)
2006 Brooklyn Alehouse
2006 Madame X solo show
2005 Studio 459
2005 Avenue A
2005 "City as Muse" Elmhurst Hospital Center
2005 Object Image Gallery
2005 Madame X Bast Show: 3 artists
2005 Laila Lounge Prop 101 Magazine Party
2005 ‘Wrestling with Elephant Thoughts’ group show
2005 Stone Creek group show
2005 XES Galore group show
2005 169 Bar solo show
2005 J. Caputo Gallery group show
2005 Mona: 2 person show
2005 Sputnik “Natural State: A Group Show”
2005 Karma “Untitled” 2 artist show
2004 Symbol Gallery “Angels” group show
2004 Symbol Gallery “Dramatic Realism” group show
2004 RKL Gallery “Mars on Earth” group show
2003 The New York International Art Festival
2002 Artist Space “Night of 1,000 Drawings” group show
2001 Anno Domini “Namenlosen (Nameless)” group show
2001 706 Gallery "The Jeff Faerber Show"
2000 The Turning Page AIGA 50books/50 Covers"
1999 WORKS/San José: Members Exhibition
1999 Society of Illustrators Student Exhibition
1999 Café Babylon: Show #5 Resonance
1998 WORKS/San José, silent night auction
1998 WADC Miniature Art Auction
1998 "The JefFaerber Show"(sic) (SJSU)
1998 Café Babylon
1997 Three Illustrators and an Artist (SJSU)
1997 Citadel Show: Five Painters